Council lets bids for APD vehicles

Atmore City Council members voted unanimously on Monday (August 28) to start the process that will eventually lead to the purchase of five new patrol vehicles for the city police department.

“I need a motion that we let bids for the long-time-needed police department vehicles,” said Mayor Jim Staff prior to the vote.

Bid letting is the process by which all interested parties are notified that they may bid on the project. The process is designed to solicit the most competitive pricing from among interested bidders.

Police Chief Chuck Brooks said after the meeting that the department was looking for the best deal on five SUVs that will replace older vehicles.

“They’ll all be SUVs and they will all be patrol units,” he said. “They’ll either be Fords or Chevrolets.”

The measure was one of only two business items on the meeting agenda.

The other item, which also gained unanimous council approval, was a request from Escambia County High School to conduct its homecoming parade in September.

“Homecoming is going to be on September 29, and we would like to do the parade at that time,” said ECHS teacher Tiffany Oliver. “We want to start at 1 p.m., and this year’s theme will be ‘There’s no Place Like Homecoming,’ a play on The Wizard of Oz.”

Staff advised Oliver to “get with the chief of police, and he will tell you all you need to do,” then the council voted to approve the request.

There being no other business to conduct, the meeting, which was attended by two young Boy Scouts seeking their Communications Badge, was adjourned.