The Rollin’ Thunder

By Pia Gorme

Rollin’ Thunder at OWA

When you come to OWA, the first thing that will probably grab your attention is the huge, blue roller coaster in the center of the Park, the Rollin’ Thunder. At least for me, when I arrived at OWA last Thursday for the Media Showcase with Ms. Sherry, Ms. Myrna, and my papa, that was the case.

I decided if I was going to get on at least one ride, the main attraction of the Park at OWA was going to be it. As I stood in line with my papa, I watched the current coaster’s approximate 46 second, 51 mph thrill filled journey with its many twists, loops, and turns. I heard the screams of the passengers as they rounded each turn with their hands in the air. Even though I was not on the ride, I could feel every fast-speed twist and turn the coaster made.

As the coaster made its way back to the station where it began, I saw the passengers’ faces with mixed expressions of relief and excitement as they stepped off the track and down the exit ramp. Some even gave a big shout of satisfaction and told us people waiting in line that it was worth the wait.

An hour and a half later, it was our turn on the thrill ride. There are three cars with nine seats in three rows of different colors: red, orange, and yellow. We rode on the red one.

Before our ride started, the employees informed all passengers to store any loose items, such as cell phones, in a cubby and after, made sure we were buckled in and locked in safely in our seats. The employees gave the “all clear,” and we began our trip. It started off with a 90-degree ascension and it felt as if we were in a space shuttle getting ready for takeoff. As we neared the top, the view was impeccable with the dark sky and the lights from the other rides below. It was seeing the Park from a whole new perspective. Not a second later, we were plunged straight down and then thrust into the first loop. From then on out, all I could see were the tracks in front of me as we sped through every sudden turn the tracks took us. With every turn, I felt as if I was coming off my seat, which added to the thrill of it all.

As soon as I knew it, the ride was over, and it was time to get off. I felt a wave of relief and satisfaction come over me as I walked down the exit ramp. Waiting an hour and a half in line was certainly worth it, and going back to OWA and taking another ride on the thrilling Rollin’ Thunder would be another thrill of a ride.

News photo by Ditto Gorme