Volunteers honored

Volunteers with 1,500 and more hours, seated, Doris Gentry; from left, standing, Annette Dawe, Marlene Forester, Sarah Hall, Giles Chapman, Hazel Rolin, Donna Ferguson, Hazel Higdon.

Those who serve were served Thursday evening, July 6, at the annual Atmore Community Hospital Auxiliary Appreciation Banquet.

ACH President Doug Tanner and members of the ACH staff served the women and one man who volunteer their time at the hospital. Not only do volunteers attend to the needs of others, they also raise funds to buy items and equipment for the hospital.

In the blessing before the meal, Tanner thanked God “for these friends who are part of our organization and our culture … and who are part of our ministry.”

Speakers were Myra Gaither, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, and Suzanne McGill, Director of Nursing.

Gaither, who was a Candy Striper in her teens, talked about “that spark” that makes people want to be volunteers, that spark that makes people “smile more, laugh more, and care more.”

McGill’s history with the Auxiliary goes back quite a few years. On her way to becoming a nurse, McGill received an Auxiliary scholarship when ACH was Greenlawn Hospital.

“In all my 30 years, I have never asked for anything [from the Auxiliary] that was rejected or that there was hesitation … Our patients and hospital are where we are today because of you.”

Auxiliary President Patsy Brown presented the Volunteer of the Year award to Judy Rathsack.

“She will always do whatever is needed, whatever is required,” she said of the honoree.

Volunteers honored were

* New volunteers – Pat Taylor, Elaine Rehm, Debbie Smith

* 200+ hours – Ernestine Arnold, 281; Linda Ellison, 273; Debbie Rutherford, 236; Jim Spears, 208

* 300+ hours – Thelma Grant, 311; Judy Rathsack, 357; Ruby Sanspree, 395

* 400+ hours – Carolyn Morris, 476

* 500+ hours – Sandra Hare, 568; Irma Thames, 580

* 600+ hours – Cecelia Bailey, 609; Patsy Brown, 659

* 900+ hours – Sammie Turberville, 914; Glenda Lowry, 905

* 1,300+ hours – Ann Amerson, 1,366; Willene Beck, 1,320; Ellon Lowrey, 1,362; Betty Ward, 1,333

* 1,500+ hours – Doris Gentry, 1,552

* 1,600+ hours – Giles Chapman, 1,625; Marlene Forester, 1,666; Hazel Rolin, 1,692

* 2,600+ hours – Donna Ferguson, 2,611; Sarah Hall, 2,615; Loyce Strawbridge, 2,602

* 3,900+ hours – Hazel Higdon, 3,902

* 6,500 hours – Annette Dawe

Volunteers with 599 hours and under, from left, front, Pat Taylor, Carolyn Morris, Thelma Grant, Ruby Sanspree; back, Sandra Hare, Judy Rathsack, Linda Ellison, Ernestine Arnold.


Volunteers with 600 to 1,300 hours, from left, Sammie Turberville, Patsy Brown, Glenda Lowry, and Ellon Lowery.