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GECA to present ‘Annie’ – 8 shows scheduled

The Greater Escambia Council for the Arts began work in May on the big summer show coming up the last of July and the first of August. “Annie” is a huge show with 98 roles.

Show dates are July 27 through 30 and August 3 through 6. Tickets are not yet available.

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a list of the folks in the show. Some will fill multiple roles. The cast – Kandace Ballard, Olivia Ballard, Summer Ballard, Dietrich Bondurant, Summer Bondurant, Montana Carnley, Nathaniel Carnley, Patty Castleberry, Bryan Coburn, Nevaeh Cox, Pam Dees, Curtis Fayard, Josey Garner, Leslie Garner, Brianna Guest, Krista Huber, Timothy Huber (Warbucks), Jerry Janes, Tom Jeter, Phil Johnson, Presley Johnson, Robert Johnson, Nathan Lindsey, Aleah Livingston, Emma Mast, Sydney Mast, Ed Matthews, Tom McGinty, Wanetta McGinty, Maddi Metzler, Amanda Miller, Leah Miller, Trevor Miller, Sharon Poulsen, Joe Ray, Isabella Sanders, Haven Shores, Jerry Stahly, Gilda Stubben, Mark Whittington, Melody Whittington (Annie), Michele Whittington.

Phil Johnson is the director, Sharon Poulsen the assistant director.

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