Be proud

By Jack Wright

I am not a very good writer. I am just a regular person lucky enough to be born in the United States of America that we can say is mostly free. We fly our flag that we call Old Glory and feel proud of it.

I have been to and watched other countries that can’t say and feel they are free to do everything they would like to do in open places, as we Americans can. We do not feel we are watched, even by our fellowman. Some countries are being watched by even father, brother, sister, and in the work place, they are spied upon.

This is not the country that I fought for. We hope this is not true with us. We fly our flags proudly, hoping no one is taking note to find fault with our way of life and government. We here in Atmore, Alabama, fly our flags with pride knowing we live in one of the most beautiful cities anywhere I know or have been, but it saddens me to see so many of our flags we call Old Glory that I and so many fathers, brothers, sisters, and sons fought for, defending our nation, coming under attack. We see family, friends, loved ones who have died for our Stars and Stripes. So let us be proud of the flag that represents our free nation.

But as I ride around our beautiful city, I see flags that are beyond the beauty I see in a bright red, white and blue American flag – meaning that some of us are flying flags that are torn, faded beyond the stars and stripes I love and fought for. I believe this does not honor the flag so many comrades gave their lives for, so let us fly the Stars and Stripes high and bright red, white and blue. When we come to think of it, the price of a flag is not that much when in reality it could be taken away by other forces. We should remember God has been good to America but also remember God has given countries over when His people turned from Him and His ways. So don’t forget, God has allowed the United States of America to fly the symbol of freedom, so fly it tall.

It gives me a sense of pride and loyalty to represent my nation with the beautiful red, white and blue. So when we are in the presence of our flag (Old Glory), whether it be at a ballgame, anywhere our flag is being raised or flown, let us all show loyalty to the flag and to all those who have died and still are defending our freedom here and abroad.

School teachers, please show and teach as much meaning and loyalty as you are allowed to. Sometimes you are not able to do things you would like to as groups, so that’s more reason we as Americans should speak up, stand up, let it be known we still love the nation our flag stands for.

We at the American Legion have programs in your schools that help you learn more about our nation and what the greatest flag on earth is and stands for, so be proud of it and replace it when it starts not to honor its origin and meaning.

My country ‘tis of thee

Sweet land of liberty.

Today, June 14, 2017, is Flag Day.