Support pours in for new governor

Supernumerary District Attorney Ellen Brooks announced Monday, April 10, that Governor Robert Bentley pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges: failing to file a major contribution report, in violation of Code of Alabama §17-5-8.1(c); and knowingly converting campaign contributions to personal use, in violation of Code of Alabama §36-25-6. He resigned from office.
A short time later, Alabama Acting Supreme Court Chief Justice Lyn Stuart administered the oath to Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey, who became Alabama’s 54th governor.
Officials around the state issued statements on Bentley’s resignation and Ivey’s

Alabama Sen. Greg Albritton:
“I want to thank Governor Bentley for taking this necessary step even at great personal cost for the benefit of the state of Alabama. I wish him well.”

Alabama Representative Alan Baker:
“With former Governor Robert Bentley stepping down and the dark cloud of uncertainties that hindered our State in multiple arenas including our highly important economic development, it is uplifting to now feel that our State can once again be about the ‘people’s business’ of advancing our State under the new leadership of Governor Kay Ivey.”

Perry O. Hooper Jr.:
First, I would like to commend my friend Governor Robert Bentley for doing what he believes is truly in the best for interest for Alabama and resigning as Governor. I hope all Alabamians join Judy and myself in praying for Dr. Bentley in this personally trying time. It is time for all Alabamians Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike, to rally around Governor Kay Ivey as she takes over as Governor of our great state. I personally pledge to do everything in my power to support her and her administration.

I also call on the legislature to immediately put this chapter in our state’s history behind us and get to work on the important issues facing our state such as prison reform, Medicaid funding, the myriad infrastructure issues we face and passing the state budgets.

Perry O. Hooper Jr. is Trump State Co-Chair and former State Representative.

Alabama Farmers Federation:
“The Alabama Farmers Federation today welcomed Kay Ivey as Alabama’s 54th governor, noting her rural background and appreciation of farmers is good news for Alabama agriculture …

“In 2015, Ivey received the Federation’s highest honor, the Service to Agriculture Award.

“A Wilcox County native and Auburn University graduate, Ivey had a successful career in the private sector as a banker and assistant hospital administrator. She also served the community and state as a high school teacher and reading clerk of the Alabama House of Representatives before seeking public office.

“Her service has included appointments by three governors to various state government positions, including assistant director of the Department of Commerce, formerly called the Alabama Development Office.

“In 2002, Ivey became the first Republican-elected state treasurer since Reconstruction. She was re-elected in 2006. Ivey was elected lieutenant governor in 2010 and re-elected in 2014.”

Alabama Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh (R-Anniston):
“Obviously this is sad day for Alabama, however as I have stated before, I believe the Governor’s resignation was the only way for the state and the Legislature to move forward and once again function normally.

“Today we will begin a smooth transition of power in accordance with the Alabama Constitution. Governor Ivey and I have always had a great working relationship and I look forward to continuing my work as President Pro Tem and presiding officer of the Senate. I am confident we will be able to put this series of unfortunate distractions behind us and continue the business of the people by passing responsible budgets and recruiting new industry to prove that Alabama’s brightest days are still ahead.”

Attorney General Steven T. Marshall concerning Gov. Bentley’s plea and resignation:
“I appreciate the work of Ellen Brooks, supernumerary district attorney, as well as the Attorney General’s Office Special Prosecutions Division in conducting the investigation of Governor Bentley which today led to his guilty pleas and resignation from office.

“I told the people of Alabama that I would recuse if there was an investigation and I did. I have allowed experienced and professional prosecutors to handle this matter and I have provided all the resources related to the performance of their work.

“I will fully support Kay Ivey’s transition as the next governor of the State of Alabama and I look forward to working with her to address the pressing issues that face our state.”

Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries John McMillan:
“I have already offered my full support to Governor Kay Ivey and I pledge to assist her in any way moving forward. Alabamians deserve elected leaders who put the people of Alabama first.”