YLA tours Austal USA, Alabama State Port Authority

On the tour, from left, front, Judith Adams, Jasmina Stahly, Kamryn Mothershed, Gabby Henderson, Keyaira Wilson, Katelyn Barron, Lauren Metzler, Brandy Wooten, ShaDiamond Harris, and Kaela Young; back, Melissa Wilson, Andrew Howell, Jackson Breckenridge, Lazarrian Boykin, and Austin Williams

Special to Atmore News

On March 13, 2017, Youth Leadership Atmore held its Business and Industry session. The group visited Austal USA and the Alabama State Port Authority in Mobile, Alabama.

The day began at Austal USA where the students were given a presentation regarding the numerous career opportunities available with Austal USA as well as an overview of the ships the company builds for the US Navy. The company employs over 4,200 people in the area so there are a large variety of positions for the company, including welders, attorneys, and nurses. After the presentation, Mr. Napoleon Bracy led our group on a tour of the facility, and we could see firsthand how much work goes into building a ship for the US Navy. It is incredible to see how the small and large pieces come together to form a massive ship that is used to protect our country.

During the afternoon, we were able to meet with Ms. Judith Adams, the Vice President of Marketing for the Alabama State Port Authority. She led our group on a driving tour of the state docks and railways. We learned that Alabama has the 10th largest port of 60 ports in the United States. Numerous countries and products pass through our state’s port every day. The railway and buildings are highly secure, and you cannot enter the area without the proper security clearances.

It was interesting to see how many jobs were created from large companies and how important these companies are to Mobile and the surrounding area. I feel that this session sparked something in everyone, giving us the feeling that we can be and do whatever we put our mind to.

Personally, my favorite part of the session was learning about the railroad company and all of the modern technology they use to keep it under control.