Perdido E/M School reaches out to help some of their own

Shown are, from left, front, Abby Kate McKissack, Ava Duff, Landon Thomas, Harley Roberson, Hannah Hadley, Sarah Little and Bella Hadley; back, Principal Phillip Stewart, Hunter Travis, Colten Wiggins, Autumn Thomas, Mary Kinsley Reed, Luke McIntyre,  Linsey Brinkman, Lindsey Brinkman, Tiffany Stewart.

Students at Perdido Elementary / Middle School wanted to be involved in helping some of their own – Gulf Shores Middle and High School, after the horrific accident involving band members from both schools during the Mardi Gras holidays.

The Perdido students had of course seen the tragedy as it unfolded on the news and were concerned about those involved. Many had questions after the Mardi Gras break and wanted to know what they could do to help those students out. In addition to their prayers, they wanted to make a monetary donation. Knowing that there were many damaged and ruined instruments, the students donated $500 to help both Gulf Shores High School and Gulf Shores Middle School band programs.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, students dressed out of uniform, sporting their best “green” and donated $500 to help the band programs at Gulf Shores schools.