Perdido E/M School win big at Regional Technology Fair

Some of the students who attended this year’s technology fair

Students in Ms. Gerri McDonald’s Humanities, Project Jubilee and Enrichment classes recently competed at the Regional Technology Fair held at Coastal Alabama Community College (formally Faulkner State).

Since October, students in grades 3 through 8 have been researching, creating and editing projects in a variety of categories. The categories include General Applications, Multi-media, Video Production, Hardware Robotics, and a Technology Literacy Exam. For each category, students may compete as either individuals or in groups. There are “levels” which are Level 1 – 3rd/4th grades; Level 2 – 5th/6th grades; Level 3 – 7th/8th grades; and high school.

Those who finish in first or second place qualify to compete on the state level later in the spring. All students in grades 3 through 12 take part in the Technology Literacy exam.

Those students competing were Dustin Snow, Taylor Tyree, Brooke Tyree, Lindsey Stewart, Kaleb Byrd, Madison Haddock, Kloie Forbes, Ayden Scarborough, Natalee Presley, Chazney Livermore, Alexis Hayles, Raven Ryland, Braxton Scarborough, Jackson Reid, Justin Brunson, Drew Turner, Nathan Garner, Zack Coleman, Luke McIntyre, Aspen Gerald, Miranda Singleton, Kam Drinkard, Colton Wiggins, Brandon Smith, Payton Wasdin, Alex Cooper, Emma Hadley, Emma-Claire Simpson, Andi McKissack, Hope Bates, Sidra Brown, Payge Gibson, Brylin Etheridge, Tiffany Stewart, Zoe Brandt, Abigail Coleman and Coen Lambeth.

Winners include
* Level 1, General Applications Individual – 3rd place, Sidra Brown
* Level 1, General Applications Groups – 3rd place, Emma Hadley and Hope Bates; Honorable Mention, Emma Claire Simpson and Andi McKissack
* Level 1, Multi-Media Individual – 1st place, Alex Cooper; 2nd place, Payge Gibson
* Level 1, Multi-Media Groups – 1st place, Brandon Smith and Payton Wasdin; Honorable Mention, Brylin Etheridge, Tiffany Stewart and Zoe Brandt
* Level 1, Hardware Robotics Individual – 1st place, Emma Claire Simpson
* Level 1, Hardware Robotics Groups – 2nd place, Alex Cooper and Sidra Brown
* Honorable Mention – Emma Hadley, Hope Bates, Payton Wasdin and Brandon Smith
* Level 2, Hardware Robotics Individual – 2nd place, Luke McIntyre
* Level 3, General Applications Individual – 2nd place, Kloie Forbes; Honorable Mention, Natalee Presley
* Level 3, General Applications Groups – 2nd place, Kloie Forbes and Taylor Tyree; 3rd place, Brooke Tyree and Lindsey Stewart
* Level 3, Multi-media Individual – Honorable Mention, Madison Haddock
* Level 3, Multi-media Groups – 1st place, Brooke Tyree and Lindsey Stewart; Honorable Mention, Chazney Livermore and Alexis Hayles
* Level 3, Video Production – 1st place, Lindsey Stewart, Brooke Tyree, Kaleb Byrd and Taylor Tyree
* Level 3, Technology Literacy Exam – Honorable Mention, Dustin Snow