Perdido E/M School celebrates Mardi Gras

Perdido students Vivyenne Duff,
Aylea White and Kaylee Byrd get in the spirit of Mardi Gras.

Who doesn’t love a parade, especially when there are throws of candy, beads and toys?

Perdido Elementary / Middle School’s pre-k and kindergarten classes have been celebrating Mardi Gras for over 15 years with a parade on the school grounds.  Parents and teachers support this community event by sending in more than enough parade throws so every child ends up with beads, candy or toys.

Mrs. Jessica White, Mrs. Brooke Drinkard, Mrs. Geri Peacock, and Mrs. Kambi Gohagan include a variety of Mardi Gras activities in their classrooms, with everything from sorting and counting to patterns and graphs.

Perdido’s Middle School band students under the direction of Mrs. Melanie Brannon performed crowd favorites such as “The Hey Song,” “When the Saints Go Marching In,” “The Mardi Gras Song” and “We Will Rock You.”