Opposing proposed gas tax

The following letter was sent to Alabama Senator Greg Albritton and Alabama Representative Alan Baker.

Senator Albritton and Representative Baker:
I oppose the proposed new gas tax. Working men and women have suffered for years under high gas prices; we finally get a break and someone in government wants to raise the gas tax. If they want to raise revenue let the county commissions and other related governmental entities cut their pay check or raise the state sales tax.

Furthermore, I have heard no discussion over who gets priority over this money and whether the roads will be repaired on a “needs” based criteria or if it will be some sort of politically based system.

The solution to the need for road funds is simple; either a better working agreement with PCI; OR a state referendum on gaming. Why shouldn’t Alabamians get to choose whether or not there are Biloxi style casinos in the state?

Thank you for your consideration in this matter,
Kevin McKinley