Jam packed PTO meeting at ACM


The ACM pre-K class present a tribute to African American entertainers, from left, Maukarra McMillian, Micah Crenshaw, Kamariana Wiggins, Aryanna Nichols,
Kennedy Williams, Makenzie George, Bentley Anderson, Jeremiah Boykin, Jevell Ahern, Chloe Jackson, Romulus Thompson and teacher Carolyn Turk.

The auditorium was full Monday night as parents, grandparents and others gathered for the annual Black History program at A.C. Moore Elementary. But prior to that program, the Drugs Erase Dreams Team presented a powerful message about drugs and the packaging that makes them attractive to kids.

Participating were Drug Court Director Denise Carlee, presenters Michael and Katie Roley, Judge Dave Jordan, and Karean Reynolds, Project Turnaround Coordinator.

Part of this program is a short drama by Michael and Katie Roley. Michael, a former addict, talks about gateway drugs and encourages everyone “Don’t take the bait.” To bring the point home, he and Katie act out someone who is tempted to take drugs, falls for drugs’ false promises, takes the bait and is hooked. As this drama played out at A.C. Moore, many of the students were saying, “Don’t do it! Don’t take it!” One has to hope the message hit home with them.

The second part of the PTO meeting was the Black History program – Celebrating the Past, Present and Future – presented by the third grade.

The program included songs – “Rhythm of My Soul,” “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody,” and “Lift Every Voice and Sing” – and tributes to African Americans who have made great contributions in science, literature, politics, entertainment, and more.

Some students were not able to participate Monday night due to illness. Scheduled to perform were the following:

Mrs. Green’s class – Isaiah America, Lanadrianna Johnson, Mariah Leslie, Amaree Mosley, Azyiah Sinquefield, Isaiah Ephriam, Roderick Dortch, Tysedric Woods, Mirio Crenshaw, Belinda Ortiz.

Mrs. McKey’s class – DeMyia Munlyn, Tydarrious Hudson, Jalyn James, Nigel Bynum, Labarryon Jones, LaTabita Burt, Amarion Lemon, Takayveiyountaye Ingram, Zechariah McCants.

Mr. Stallworth’s class – Tevin McClain, Shemarion Matthews, Shamecca Brown, Kimora Jenkins, Briyanna Milton, Katia Salter, Kiamara Parker.

When the third-graders completed their part of the program, the pre-K class presented a tribute to African American entertainers including Chubby Checker, Michael Jackson, Prince, Chuck Barry and more. Teachers Mrs. Turk and Mrs. Respress assisted.

Michael and Katie Roley present a short drama with a message – “Don’t Take the Bait!”


The Drugs Erase Dreams team, from left, Karean Reynolds, Denise Carlee, Katie Roley, Michael Roley. Not pictured is Judge Dave Jordan.