Friends of Education donates to choir

Friends of Education present their donation, from left, Myrna Monroe, Lynette Penner, Lisa Reynolds, Nancy Helton, Conrad Weber, Celia Lambert, Anne Hetzel, Sheryl Vickery, Bub Gideons.

Several members of Friends of Education gathered at Escambia County Middle School Wednesday, February 1, to present a check to Conrad Weber.

You would have to be hiding under a rock not to know that Weber is the choir director at Escambia County Middle School and Escambia County High School.

And you’d have to be under that rock not to know that several members of the choir are going to New York in April to perform as part of a mass choir at Carnegie Hall.

Several organizations and individuals have stepped up to help the students. Donations have come in. First National Bank & Trust and United Bank have committed to make up whatever balance is needed when the fund-raisers and donations are done.

The Friends of Education $500 check will not go directly for the trip expenses but will greatly benefit the individual members of the choir.

The choir began an effort last year to raise money to buy gowns and tuxedos for choir members. The formal wear will be the property of the school and the students will be required to pay a rental fee.