Celebrating 100 days

100-year-old couple Kypton Presley and  Karahgan O’Barr

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Kambi Gohagin, Mrs. Geri Peacock and Mrs. Brooke Drinkard’s classes celebrated the first “100 Days of School,” on February 3rd.

First graders also enjoyed unique activities to celebrate the day! Preparation for the special day began over a week ago, as students created their individual “100” project at home. Everything from Cheerios and sequins, to stickers, seeds, Legos and paperclips, were used to create their unique set of 100 objects. They also did a writing activity to the prompt, “I could eat 100 … ” These Kindergarten students shared their desire to eat 100 hot dogs, skittles or deer meat!

When the 100th day arrived, many of the students came dressed as they felt they would look if they actually were 100 years old. Several students were even using walking canes, wearing glasses and pretending to be hard of hearing. Once in their classrooms, students were actively engaged in a wide variety of hands-on activities, all related to math and writing skills they have been taught. They created everything from a giant pizza (paper, of course) with 100 pepperonis, a 100-block creation, roll and race to 100, 100 snap cubes creation, stamping 10 sets of 10 different colors for their gumball machines, counting 10 multiples of 10 objects and placing them into their 100 goodie bag. Of course, the goodie bags contained edible snacks, so this was one of the student’s favorite activities. The big hit of the activities was the “Build a 100-Cup Structure!” Students worked in small groups to create a tower out of 100 red Solo cups.

A favorite activity in Mrs. Amy Hill, Mrs. Mandy Scarborough and Ms. Nicole Stabler’s first grade classrooms was using an application that would “age” them into what they would possibly look like if they really were 100 years old. Of course, everyone was actively engaged in finding the 100 missing Hershey kisses and matching the number on the bottom of the candy to the “100 Chart.” Students even joined in on the “100 Exercise Challenge,” where they did 10 sets of 10 different exercises.

Kindergarten students listened to the story Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day, before enjoying the culminating activity of the day, which involved 100 blown up balloons and a lot of stomping, sitting, squeezing and pinching to pop all 100.

All of the activities prove the point that hands-on activities not only actively engage children in the learning process, but also prove that learning can be fun!