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WGYJ-LP, The Light

David Gehman, seated, Frisco Gehman and Martin Gehman

At 1 p.m. today (January 26), turn your radio to 93.5 FM and you’ll hear the first transmission of a new radio station in Atmore – WGYJ-LP, The Light.

The station is a ministry of Gospel Light Church on the corner of Trammell and Howard, Pastor Martin Gehman.

Much of the Gehman family will be directly involved in the ministry which is going forward due to the vision of Dale Gehman. Sadly, Dale did not live to see his vision become reality.

David Gehman said the station is low power (the LP in the call letters) and wants everyone to understand this is a work in progress.

Tune in today and listen to Atmore’s local, Christian radio station.