Perdido E/M School’s Incentive Plan (PIP)

Students at Perdido School are really excited about the continuation of the Perdido Incentive Plan ­(PIP). This 3-prong strategy focuses on attendance, behavior and academics. A grant from Southern Pine covers the cost of this program. Here is how the program works.

Earning PIP bucks
Weekly: Students earn 1 buck for perfect attendance and good behavior

Teacher’s choice: an extra PIP Buck is awarded to one students who sets an exceptional example in the classroom

Every 9 weeks: ­1 buck for A’s & B’s and 2 bucks for all A’s

Spending PIP Bucks
Pre-K – second grade: Shop at the PIP cart for various goodies, toys and coupons

K – eighth grade: purchase coupons and field trip passes to the Bay Minette Rec Center

Perfect Attendance Quarterly Rewards
Students with perfect attendance will be entered into a drawing for 12 $50 gift certificates.

Teachers with perfect attendance will be entered into a drawing for 2 $50 gift certificates.

All students with perfect attendance will be rewarded with the following:

First quarter: popcorn and a movie; second quarter: sweet treat and free play; third quarter: pizza party; fourth quarter: movie field trip.