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Little River State Park closes

This gate with a closed sign blocks the entrance to the park

The closing was quiet, without fanfare.

Friday afternoon, December 30, when the gate closed at Little River State Park, it closed indefinitely.

A short message on the Alabama Forestry Commission website apparently was the only notice issued: “Little River State Forest and Park near Atmore, Alabama will close at 5:00 pm December 30, 2016 until further notice. The Alabama Forestry Commission’s operating partner Iron Men Outdoor Ministries has decided they can no longer afford to operate the park and will cease operations today. The Forestry Commission is working to locate a new partner to reopen the park facility.”

Management of the park has been an ongoing issue for several years.

At one time, the park was managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation, then by the Alabama Forestry Commission.

In April 2010, Atmore News reported that due to budget shortfalls at the state level, state forestry officials said the park could close later that year.

Ironman Outdoor Ministries took over management of the park but the organization now finds itself forced to relinquish management.