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Letter to the Editor – Attention, band members
Greetings to all: If you or anyone you know participated in a band program, please consider the Escambia County Community Band. Please “like” our Facebook page and make a comment. As some of you may know, we experienced difficulty obtaining adequate instrumentation last year. We hope to recruit enough to remedy that problem. If it seems we have enough interest and adequate instrumentation, we’ll schedule rehearsal in a few weeks.…
Amen to previous letter
To the editor: In the Wednesday, November 22nd edition, I read Mr. Leon Chavers’ letter to the editor and I want to add a hardy YES and Amen to his comments. Why are these vital questions not being asked? I have one more question of my own. Where does Doug Jones stand on abortion and will he stand with our president? Remember, prayer is still effective. Carolyn Morris Atmore