Lions install new officers

Lions Club officers, from left, front, Joyce Petty, Brett Helton, Gregg Akins, Katrinka Phillips, Marie Blair; back, Tristan McAnally, Bub Gideons, Patty Helton, Renee Hardy.

Special to Atmore News

The Atmore Lions Club met Wednesday, June 19, in the Mayson Auditorium at Atmore Community Hospital.
President Lion Renee Hardy called the meeting to order and said the blessing. Lion Tristan McAnally led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.
Following lunch, Lion Renee asked Lions Tristan and Brett Helton to give an update on the upcoming softball tournament being held on the fields at Poarch.
She then presented Lion Joyce Petty with the gavel as she will be taking the helm of the club as president this upcoming year.
Lion Renee then proceeded to install the entire group of officers who were present. They include, Joyce Petty, president; John Brantley, 1st vice president; Brett Helton, 2nd vice president; Gregg Akins, secretary; Katrinka Phillips, treasurer; Anne Hetzel, marketing / social media; Taylor Helton, membership; Marie Blair, service chairman; Billy Blair and Tristan McAnally, lion tamers; Bub Gideons and Katrinka Phillips, tail twisters; Kevin Garrett, eyesight chairman; Kenny Smith and Patty Davis, at-large members; and Renee Hardy as immediate past president.
An announcement was made that there will be no meeting on July 3 due to the holiday the following day.