APL summer reading

Wild West fun Each year, Bruce and Vernelle Brannen bring their Wild West Show to the Atmore Public Library’s summer reading program. This year they were here Friday, June 14. Shown, Bruce “corrals” some volunteers to assist in his roping demonstration. Vernelle is on the right. The show also includes a whip demonstration and a western singalong.
Animal Tales at the library Kaitlyn Thomas with Animal Tales brought several “friends” to the Atmore Public Library Friday, June 21, as part of the library’s summer reading program. Kids got to see a laughing kookaburra, hedgehog, prairie dog, glowing scorpion, a giant lizard, and a boa constrictor. Shown, the prairie dog checks out the crowd as he sits on Kaitlyn’s back.
Up close and personal The Atmore Public Library’s summer reading program ended Friday, June 28, with a petting zoo on the grounds. Kids (and adults) got to pet rabbits, cattle, a Shetland pony, goats and more. Shown, a couple of youngsters pet an unusual bunny.