Vickery pens new book on sales


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Lou Vickery’s new book, Key to Sales Success … Winning the Head Game, launched June 7.
Vickery and co-author Jay Barbera have over 70 years of combined sales training experience and have trained thousands of sales and marketing people.
According to Vickery, sometimes the most challenging part of the entrepreneurial journey is believing they are worthy of the trip. For that reason, the first half of the book features the personal development and psychology behind selling. The second half of the book gets down to the nuts and bolts of selling.
The authors feel there are three different levels of salespeople who can benefit from this book. First, are the ones new to sales. Their talent and abilities may be immature and undeveloped – but they are there. And with proper preparation and efficient application offered in this book, this potential will develop and grow.
Second, some have been selling for a while and have reached a plateau in their sales efforts. Quite possibly, they have found themselves not making the progress they would like. There are answers for these salespeople as well.
Third, some are effective and efficient in some phases of the sales platform, but not as good in others. With a little fine-tuning and a new wrinkle or two, it is possible they could reach new heights in productivity.
The book is published by Upword Press LLC.

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