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Frye joins ECW as executive administrator


Special to Atmore News

Emerging Civil War (ECW) has announced that Joshua Frye is the organization’s new executive administrator.
Frye is a former Atmore News employee and Poarch resident.
As the executive administrator for ECW, Frye will aid in many different areas of the organization’s day-to-day operations.
“Bringing on Josh – who is, himself, an ‘emerging voice’ in the field – is a big step for us, but a natural, necessary part of our evolution and growth,” ECW Editor-in-Chief Chris Mackowski said. “Most of our historians get involved with ECW because they love history, not because they have backgrounds in administration. Josh’s involvement will allow our contributors to focus more on the history they love, knowing they now have a strong presence tending to the organization’s infrastructure.”
Frye brings an extensive background in the field of historical film production field. His main areas of historical interest are the American Civil War, Revolutionary War, and War of 1812. As the owner of Foxhole Film Productions, Frye has worked extensively in the film industry with companies such as The Hallmark Channel, Lionsgate Films and the Smithsonian Channel.
“Working with Emerging Civil War is a dream come true,” Frye said. “To have the opportunity to work with my personal favorite historians and individuals that I have looked up to for so long is the opportunity of a lifetime. I have been a huge fan of the organization and its purpose since it was first founded, and I am grateful and eager to offer my services and learn from the best history professionals in the field.”
In addition to his duties and responsibilities with ECW, Frye also operates a YouTube Channel, History Savior 1941, where he travels the country to historic sites and battlefields to help educate the general public on a wide array of historical topics, including Civil War and Revolutionary War battles. Frye is also working on his first book, which focuses on the history of Native American involvement in the Civil War.
About ECW
Emerging Civil War is the collaborative effort of more than 30 historians committed to sharing the story of the Civil War in an accessible way. Founded in 2011 by Chris Mackowski, Jake Struhelka, and Kristopher D. White, Emerging Civil War features public and academic historians of diverse backgrounds and interests, while also providing a platform for emerging voices in the field. Initiatives include the award-winning Emerging Civil War Series of books published by Savas Beatie, LLC; an annual symposium; a speakers’ bureau; and a daily blog: www.emergingcivilwar.com.