Food scores released

The following Escambia County food / lodging establishment ratings were released by the Alabama Department of Public Health for January. Ratings are ranked by score, low to high.
FSE = Food Service Establishment
Tavern of Atmore, 89, limited food
Express Mart #6, 325 N Main Street, Atmore, 91, limited food
Quick Stop Food Mart, LLC, 50 A Carver Avenue, Atmore, 92, FSE
Atmore Convenience 1 LLC, 6450 Hwy. 21 N., Atmore, 93, limited food
Lil’ Angels Development Center, Atmore, 94, daycare food service
McDonald’s of Atmore, 1414 S. Main Street, Atmore, 94, FSE
HNM 101 LLC, 13315 Hwy. 113, Brewton, 94, FSE
Nett’s Kitchen, LLC, Atmore, 94, FSE
Davids Catfish House, Atmore, 95, FSE
Atmore Donuts, Atmore, 96, FSE
The Warehouse Market and Bakery, Atmore, 97, FSE
Hampton Inn, Atmore, 98, hotel / motel
Cajun Boiling Spot, LLC, Atmore, 99, FSE
Hometown Nutrition, Atmore, 99, limited food
The Strand Theatre and ENCORE, Atmore, 99, FSE
Dino Land Christian Daycare, Atmore, 100, daycare food service
Gather, Atmore, 100, mobile food service