No parole for Brewton sex offender


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A Brewton man, held behind bars since 2018 for a sex offense involving a family member, was turned down for parole during recent hearings by the Alabama Board of Pardons & Paroles.
Anthony Clay Rudolph was initially charged by Brewton police with first-degree rape but was allowed in 2021 to enter a guilty plea to charges of first-degree sexual abuse and incest. He was sentenced to 15 years on each charge, but the incest penalty was to run concurrently with the abuse penalty.
Rudolph has served a total of five years and 8 months, including almost three years in the county jail before he was transferred to state custody. He has also accumulated almost four years (1,386 days) of “good time” during his two years in state prison.
Currently housed at Kilby Correctional Facility, he will remain behind bars until May 28, 2026 unless he is granted a pardon or parole.

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