Brewton man denied parole


News Staff Writer

A Brewton man, sentenced to 60 months in prison for attempting to escape from custody, was denied parole during recent hearings by the Alabama Board of Pardons & Paroles.
According to Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) records, David Earl Payne entered the state penal system on June 29, 2023 after his Escambia County conviction for third-degree escape.
Currently housed at Limestone Correctional Facility, he had served slightly more than 16 months when his hearing was held, including 380 days he served in the county jail while awaiting trial and transfer. He has also accumulated 317 days of “good time” since being incarcerated.
The charge for which Payne was convicted is otherwise known as simple escape, a Class C felony. ADOC records do not include from which facility or law enforcement agency he tried to escape, and do not show that he has ever served time for any other crime.
Without parole or a pardon, he will not be released from state custody until August 15, 2024.