Deer season opens Saturday across Alabama

Special to Atmore News

Deer season opens across Alabama this Saturday, October 14, and continues through January 15.
White-tailed deer are Alabama’s most-hunted game animal. Officials expect that approximately 180,000 hunters will harvest over 300,000 deer in the state this fall.
Escambia County is in Zone B. Most of the restrictions and dates for harvesting various genders are:
Stalking (bow & arrow)
*Oct. 14-24 — Antlered Bucks Only
*Oct. 25-Feb. 10 — Either Sex
Stalking (gun, private land)
*Nov. 18-Feb. 10 — Either sex
Stalking (gun, public land)
*Nov. 18-Dec. 8 — Antlered bucks only
*Dec. 9-Dec. 31 — Either sex
*Jan. 1-Feb. 10 — Bucks only
With dogs (private land)
*Nov. 18-Jan.15 — Either sex
With dogs (public land)
*Nov.18-Dec. 8 — Antlered bucks only
*Dec. 9-Dec. 31 — Either sex
Jan. 1-Jan. 15 — Antlered bucks only
Special youth hunting (gun)

  • Nov. 10-13 — Either Sex
    Youth (muzzle loader, air rifle)
  • Nov. 13-17, Either Sex
    Deer hunters in Alabama are limited to one antlerless deer and one antlered buck per day, with a three-buck limit for the season. One of the bucks must have at least four points of one inch or longer on one antler, except in Barbour County where all bucks must have at least three points on one side
    Hunters may also take one bonus buck from select Wildlife Management Areas on specific hunt dates that won’t count against the hunter’s statewide limit.
    *All deer hunters in Alabama must have an All Game Hunting License (unless exempt) and a Harvest Record in paper form or on the Outdoor Alabama app. WMA hunters must possess a Wildlife Management License and map permit.
    *All deer harvested in Alabama must be reported through the Game Check system within 48 hours. That can be done on the Outdoor Alabama app, on the Outdoor Alabama website, or by calling 800-888-7690. The date of harvest, county of harvest, type of land (private or public), and the antler point count must be reported.
    *Residents of Alabama 65 years of age and older are not required to purchase a license. You must have proof of residence and age, like an Alabama driver’s license or state ID.
    *Veterans with a minimum of 50 percent disability or resident veterans who are 100 percent disabled as certified by the Veterans Administration may receive an Annual Military Veterans Appreciation Hunting License. Each must show his or her VA letter stating level of disability.
    *Residents and their immediate family do not have to purchase a hunting license to hunt on their own property.
    For more information on Alabama deer hunting, or to buy hunting and fishing licenses online, visit and click “Licenses.”