EA falls to Jackson Academy

News Sports Writer

The Escambia Academy Cougars traveled to Jackson Academy to face off against the Jackson Eagles Friday, September 15, to take a break from region play. Cougar captains Quinten Odom, Keller Coston, and Luke Bell met at midfield for the coin toss; the Cougars won, receiving the kick to start the game.
The Cougars marked the scoreboard first with a touchdown after a successful 13-yard pass from Coston to Bell; the kick was no good, leaving the first score at 6-0.
The Eagles responded with a 3-yard carry into the end zone with 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter; they successfully completed the 2-point conversion, putting the Cougars down at 6-8.
The Eagles added to this lead after intercepting the ball from the Cougars at the 30-yard line and running it in for a 70-yard pick 6 with 30 seconds left in the half. They completed yet another 2-point conversion, bringing the score up to 6-16.
The Eagles gained 6 points 3 minutes after receiving the ball to start the second half; the 2-point conversion was good, making the score 6-24.
The Eagles scored again with a 20-yard pass which led to a run for 60-yard carry into the end zone. The 2-point conversion was good once again, bringing their lead to 6-32.
This was followed by another touchdown by the Eagles with a 20-yard pass after a Cougar fumble on the kick. The good 2-point conversion brought the score to 6-40.
The Cougars responded with a 40-yard pass from Coston to Odom for another 20-yard carry to the end zone. The 2-point attempt was blocked, leaving the Cougars down 12-40.
The Eagles answered back to this, however, with another touchdown after a 1-yard carry into the end zone with 3 minutes left in the game; The 2-point conversion was blocked, leaving the score at 46 for Jackson and 12 for EA.
The Cougars ended the game with 1 more touchdown after a 5-yard pass from Coston to Ty McCants landed in the end zone in the last play of the game, making the final score 46-18.
The Cougars have a bye week this week before hitting the road again to play against the Hooper Academy Colts on Friday, September 29; while not in the same region as the Cougars, the Colts are a AA team, so this match is important for playoffs. That game will be streamed live on EA’s Facebook and YouTube pages, as always, so be sure to tune in!