Council OKs gun violence awareness event

News Staff Writer

Atmore City Council, sitting one member short, approved during its Monday, August 28, meeting the use of a city park for an event aimed at cutting down or stopping the gun violence that has erupted throughout the city this year.
The Rev. Jamel Frye requested use of the park, specifically its baseball field for a “family and friends” gathering to raise awareness of the issue.
“This is a big issue, an emotional issue, for me, with the violence going on with the young people in Atmore,” said Frye, who added that he has recruited the help of several pastors. “The main thing we’re going to do is bring awareness that a lot of stuff we’re dealing with in this community, it starts at home. If we as a community can get together, we can let people know we do care in this city.
“If only 15 people show up, at least we’re trying to make an effort to let these young people in Atmore know that the killing needs to stop, the fighting needs to stop, the stealing, whatever is going on in this community, it needs to stop.”
The event will take place from 6:30 until 9 p.m., on Saturday, September 23.
With District 3 rep Eunice Johnson unable to attend, the other four council members also approved a Capitalization Plan that calls for any item costing more than $2,000 to be listed on the depreciation schedule as a capital asset, as well as a Transportation Plan under which $82,701 of the Rebuild Alabama Act funds will be set aside for street maintenance, improvements, replacement or construction of roads within the city.