No parole for Atmore man, Brewton men


News Staff Writer

An Atmore man and two Brewton men were among state inmates for whom parole was denied during recent hearings of the Alabama Pardons & Paroles Board.
The Atmore man, David Paul Warren, was turned down during July 13 APPB hearings. Warren has served almost 7-1/2 years of a 20-year sentence he received after a 2016 conviction for an unnamed “offense against a person.”
However, if history repeats itself, he won’t be behind bars much longer.
The Atmore man was convicted of robbery charges in 2010 in Shelby and Chilton counties and sentenced to 15 years. He was released after less than six years when he accumulated more than 9 years of “good time.”
He was also imprisoned in 2005 after robbery and drug convictions in Tallapoosa and Elmore counties. He served just over three years of a 10-year sentence, and with almost seven years of “good time” factored in, he was released.
Without parole or a pardon, Warren — who is currently housed at Bullock Correctional Facility — won’t be released until January 25, 2036.
Torrez McKenzie of Brewton, who has served most of a 15-year term for first-degree escape, was also turned down for parole.
McKenzie, who was held in the county jail for more than four years before his 2011 conviction on possession and distribution of a controlled substance, had served all but six months of the sentence when his July 11 hearing was held.
Currently housed at Fountain Correctional Facility, he also served all but four days of a 2-year sentence after a 2004 drug possession conviction. His minimum release date is January 9, 2024.
Another Brewton man, Dayvon Samuel, was also denied parole during July 11 hearings.
Samuel was jailed three years before he was convicted in 2020 of first-degree escape, which brought a 15-year sentence. He had not quite served three years of that on his hearing date but had accumulated 1,926 “good days,” shaving more than five years off his prison term.
Samuel is housed at Limestone Correctional Facility. His minimum release date without parole or a pardon is July 31, 2032.