Teen jury: Drug suspect guilty


News Staff Writer

An Atmore woman, arrested April 24 on a felony drug possession charge, received a speedy trial last week but didn’t get the results she had hoped for.
Alexis Crenshaw, 24, was found guilty by 12 high school students during the court proceedings that were part of this year’s Law Day observance.
Crenshaw was arrested at a license checkpoint in front of the Fast Lane convenience store-gas station on Jack Springs Road after a county sheriff’s deputy detected the odor of burnt marijuana in the car while the license check was being conducted. She also had grains of suspected marijuana on the front of her shirt.
Conducting a “probable cause search,” the deputy found in the console of the car, which Crenshaw had borrowed from a relative, sealed packages of “Potcorn,” popcorn infused with cannabis. The product is sold legally in several states, but possession of any pot-infused food is a felony in Alabama.
Crenshaw’s attorney argued that the search and seizure were illegal and made a motion for acquittal. The judge denied the motion, and the jury eventually found her guilty.
Possession of a controlled substance is a Class D felony, which could result in a prison term ranging from 2-20 years.