AUD, Excess Telecom partner to distribute tablets

From left, Terion Lilly, Ben Sherrod, Alicia Sherrod, and Alecse Copeland are shown during the event.

Special to Atmore News

Atmore Urban Development (AUD) and Excess Telecom combined to distribute electronic tablets during two events held recently at the Church Street Incubator.
The government-issued tablets were distributed — with a minimum $11 copay — to qualified applicants under the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program.
According to Anne Powell, president of AUD, her organization’s goal was to put tablets in the hands of adults aged 55 and up after she realized that individuals in this age group were particularly skeptical and a little suspicious of computer technology.
As a result, they had fallen behind in technology as compared to other age groups.
During the two events, the local nonprofit and the communications company more than 100 individuals were served and 77 tablets were handed out.
Feedback from the distribution has been very positive.