Hadley named RP teacher of year

Rachel Hadley, left, and Michele McClung

Special to Atmore News

Rachel Hadley is the 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year for Rachel Patterson Elementary School, according to RP Principal Toya McMillian.
Hadley is currently the special education teacher. Last year, the students in this particular class were without a teacher. There was a nationwide shortage of special education teachers, and Rachel Patterson experienced it firsthand.
“Mrs. Hadley saw the need, and stepped up to help her school when she was needed the most,” McMillian said. “She was the saving grace for the students in that class. Mrs. Hadley is a one in a million kind of teacher. Schools do not come across teachers like Mrs. Hadley often. Most teachers will not do what she does every day. She is one of the hardest working teachers at Rachel Patterson. She is one of the best.”
McMillian said Hadley goes above and beyond her call of duty to meet the individual needs of her students as well as everyone else’s students. She is drawn to situations that others may find to be challenging.
“Mrs. Hadley leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets,” McMillian said. “Everyone loves Mrs. Hadley. She is an amazing teacher leader. Most of our teachers look up to her, and they seek advice from her. We call this method, ‘The WWRD’ because teachers ask themselves “What would Rachel do?” We are so blessed to have Mrs. Hadley on our team. She is a champion for students. She is a difference maker, and she is definitely impacting positive change in our students’ lives each day. She is so deserving of this honor and recognition.”
Superintendent Michele McClung presented Hadley with a Teacher of the Year certificate at the Escambia County Board of Education meeting Thursday, January 12.