NHS fall short in state championship;
Undefeated in regular season

News Sports Writer

The Northview Chiefs wrapped up their previously undefeated season with a loss in the Florida 1R State Championship last Saturday, December 10, in Tallahassee against the Hawthorne Hornets. Although the Chiefs did fall short of the state title, they were the first undefeated team in Northview’s history during their regular season with a record of 10-0, and their final record being 13-1. Not only were they undefeated, but they were also Regional Champions.
Starting off in the first quarter, Hawthorne received the ball and scored on their first possession, but they did not get the extra point, making the score 0-6 early on in the quarter. Northview was not able to score when on offense. Back on defense, Northview’s Wyatt Scruggs almost intercepted a third down pass, leading to a punt fourth down, turning the ball back over to the Chiefs. Northview was not able to score on this possession either. On defense, the Chiefs’ Cason Burkette had a tackle in the end zone for a safety, making the score 2-6
In the second quarter, quarterback Kaden Odom threw it to Maliki Haynes for a first down. Shortly after, Odom tossed a short pass to Jamarkus Jefferson for a first down. Northview made it all the way downfield with 1 yard to go to the goal. It was fourth and 1, but unfortunately for the Chiefs, the yard was not made.
Later on in the second quarter, when Hawthorne was on offense, Northview’s Wyatt Scruggs intercepted the ball putting the Chiefs back on offense.
Northview started off the third quarter with the ball, and Scruggs caught about a 20-yard pass for a first down for the Chiefs, but they did not score on that possession. Northview’s defense was able to hold the Hornets on their next possession. Unfortunately, Odom threw an interception. The Hornets ended up scoring by running it in on the 1-yard line, and they got the extra point, bringing the score up to 2-13.
Neither team was able to score in the final quarter, leaving the final score of the game at 2-13.
NHS Coach Summerford said, “Just an outstanding season, proud of our guys and coaches and our entire Northview community. I just realize everyone’s work ethic for making it successful. I don’t know if anyone realizes how many people it takes to have that much success throughout the year. Just waiting to see what’s around the corner for Northview football. I’m excited for our future. I’m glad our younger players got to experience it and know what it takes to get back there.”
Defensive Coordinator Jace Gandy said, “ I thought out kids put together an incredible effort in the State Championship game. I thought that the preparation was there, and it just wasn’t our night. That’s how it goes sometimes, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort on their part. They battled and gave themselves an opportunity to win the game, and that’s all we can ask for. Our senior leadership has been there all year, and this was a special group. We set out to accomplish something special, and we accomplished that. Very proud of what they were able to put together through 14 games this season. Go Chiefs!”
It was a fantastic season for the Chiefs. There were over 2,000 fans in the stands last Saturday night in Tallahassee to support both teams. Although their season came to a close Saturday, coaches, fans, and players alike are excited to see what the future of Northview’s football program has in store. As always, go Chiefs!