NHS wins over rival Baker

News Sports Writer

It was another great game for the Northview Chiefs last Friday night, September 23, in Bratt. They topped the Baker Gators for the first time since 2012. This has been an ongoing rival game ever since, and the Chiefs did not back down last week. With a final score of 49-10, it is clear that they are not to be underestimated!
Starting off the first half strong, Northview scored first with a clean pass to Aiden Broadhead in the end zone. With a great kick from Brandon Ferguson, the Chiefs were up quickly 7-0. The Gators did not score during their possession of the ball, which allowed the Chiefs to get the ball back. Jamarkus Jefferson ran it into the end zone for another Chief touchdown. Northview went for the extra point, and with another good kick from Ferguson, the Chiefs were up 14-0 in the first quarter. Baker retaliated with a touchdown before the first quarter ended, making the score 14-7.
In the second quarter, Baker made a 25-yard field goal to bring the score 14-10. The Chiefs were ready to battle, and Jefferson ran 59 yards into the end zone to bring the score 21-10, with the extra point by Ferguson again.
Excited to get back on the field in the third quarter, Luke Bridges scored for the Chiefs, making the score 27-10. Ferguson kicked yet another great kick, which brought the score up 28-10. When Baker regained possession of the ball, the Chiefs’ Wyatt Scruggs intercepted the ball for Northview. When back on offense, Kaden Odom passed the ball to Scruggs for a touchdown. With another good kick from Ferguson, the Chiefs were up 35-10. When Baker got the ball back, Northview’s defense held them, and they did not score. When the Chiefs got the ball back, Jefferson ran 36 yards for a first down. With another great pass from Odom to Maliki Haynes, the Chiefs had another first down, bringing them closer to the red zone. The Chiefs scored again, making the score 42-10, with the extra point.
In the last quarter of the game, Bridges got another touchdown for Northview, which brought them to the final score of 49-10, with the extra point.
It was a great victory for the Chiefs, and it increased their undefeated streak to 5-0. It has been a very promising season for Northview so far and fans hope it stays that way!
Quarterback Kaden Odom said, “It felt great to beat one of our biggest rivals that we have had trouble with for the past ten years. Hopefully this sets a tone for every Northview team coming up!”
Senior Aiden Broadhead added, “It felt great to beat them for the first time since 2012, our senior group has had close game after close game with them all throughout high school. It felt really special to beat them with the same people I’ve played with my whole life.”
The Chiefs have a bye week this week, but they will be traveling to Blountstown on October 7. As always, go Chiefs!