NHS wins again, now 4-0

Chiefs’ Kaden Odom (4) tackles an Elberta runner.

News Sports Writer

The Northview Chiefs won over the Elberta Warriors last Friday night in Bratt for their 28th Homecoming game! With a final score of 49-17, it is safe to say that the Chiefs had yet another amazing game. They are now 4-0 and undefeated so far this season.
The Homecoming activities began Friday afternoon with their iconic parade and then followed with the Homecoming Court before the game. Homecoming at Northview is always special, as it brings the whole community together for a day filled with football and lots of fun!
The Warriors started the game with a touchdown early on in the first quarter, making the Chiefs down 7-0. Not ready to stay down for long, Jamarkus Jefferson got the Chiefs their first touchdown of the night, bringing the score 6-7. When Elberta got the ball back, they did not have it for long. There was a fumble recovery for the Chiefs. Jefferson scored his second touchdown for the Chiefs. Northview decided to go for 2, and with a good pass from quarterback Kaden Odom to Luke Bridges, they got it. At this point the Chiefs were up 14-7.
In the second quarter, the Chiefs got the ball, but did not score. When the Warriors got the ball back, they kicked a field goal on fourth down, bringing the score 14-10. Shortly after on kick return, Odom received the ball and ran it down the field. With a good hand off to Jefferson, the ball was in the red zone. Odom ran it into the end zone for another Chief touchdown. Ferguson kicked for a field goal and it was good, which brought Northview up 21-10. In retaliation, the Elbert Warriors scored which brought the score closer, 21-17. Northview’s Wyatt Scruggs scored when the Chiefs got the ball back. With another great kick from Ferguson, the Chiefs were up 28-17 at the end of the third quarter.
Starting off the third quarter, Northview scored again with a great run from Jefferson which brought the Chiefs up 34-17. Right after, John Michael award had a great sack. When the Chiefs got the ball back, Odom passed the ball to Aiden Broadhead for a first down. The Chiefs scored right after, which brought the score to 41–17.
In the final quarter of the ball game, Northview scored again, making the score 49-17, with the extra 2 points. Scruggs intercepted the ball at the end of the game, but the Chiefs did not score.
“It was a big week for us,” Jamarkus Jefferson said. “There were a lot of distractions and activities going on, so we had to be extra locked in, in the first quarter. We did not play our best game but after we cleaned up everything we played much better!”
Quarterback Kaden Odom said, “It was a fun game! I’m proud of my team and the way they handled all the distraction around them especially with it being homecoming week. It feels great to be able to put on a show for the community! We are nowhere near our full potential, this season is just getting started!”
It was another great night for the Chiefs and a great way to end their homecoming week! This week the Chiefs will host long time rival, Baker Gators at home, in Bratt. The game starts at 7, and tickets will be available on Make sure to be there, it’s going to be another great game!