Northview claims 34-25 win over Tate

News Sports Writer

This past week the Northview Chiefs took home yet another win, bringing their record to 3-0. This was an extra special win for the Chiefs considering both of the coaches are brothers. Tate’s coach Rhett Summerford battled against Northview’s head coach Wesley Summerford in the game last Friday night, September 9. It was a little wet, nevertheless, it was a great ballgame for the hundreds of fans who were there to support. Both sides of the stands were packed, and each team’s fans showed support by wearing either beach attire for Tate, or western wear for Northview.
Starting off the first quarter, the Tate Aggies got the ball but did not score. Not hesitating to score, the Chiefs’ running back Jamarkus Jefferson ran the ball in for the first touchdown of the night! With a great kick from Northview’s kicker Brandon Ferguson, the Chiefs were up by 7 early on in the first quarter. However, when Tate got possession of the ball next, they passed the ball downfield for an Aggie touchdown. Unfortunately for Tate, they did not get the extra point, bringing the score 7-6. When the Chiefs got the ball back, there was a fumble, and with a fumble recovery from Tate, the Aggies got the ball back and scored, which brought the score 13-7. When the Chiefs gained possession again, quarterback Kaden Odom passed the ball to Maliki Haynes for a first down. Shortly after, Jefferson ran the ball in for his second touchdown of the night. Ferguson got yet another great kick, which brought the Chiefs up 14-13 at the end of the first quarter.
In the second quarter, Northview’s quarterback threw an interception, which caused the Aggies to get the ball back. Luckily for the Chiefs, Tate did not score and decided to punt it. Jefferson ran in another touchdown for Northview, which brought the score to 20-13, but the extra point was not successful. When the Aggies got the ball back, they battled against the Chiefs and the rain, and brought the score 20-19.
Starting off the third quarter, the Chiefs gave the ball back to the Aggies, who drove down the field to the 1-yard line. Then a bad snap and an interception by Northview’s Wyatt Scruggs gave the ball back to the Chiefs, which led Jefferson into the end zone for another touchdown. Northview got the extra point to make 27-19.
In the last quarter of the game, the Aggies retaliated with a touchdown, which brought the game within a 2-point difference at 27-25. Not allowing the score to be so close, Northview’s Jefferson scored again, which brought the score of the game 34-25. Then the Aggies began to drive down the field with little time left, but John Michael Ward’s sack bled the clock out, which brought the Chiefs on top, for another Northview win.
Running back Jamarkus Jefferson, with 12 touchdowns across 3 games this season, said, “We knew going into Friday it was going to be a big game because it was brother against brother. All we could do was rise to the challenge, and that’s what we did. It felt awesome to beat Tate because we are just a little 1A school who beat a 7A school. Overall, it was just a great game and I’m so happy with the outcome.”
Quarterback Kaden Odom added, “Just proud of my team and my coaches. We fought ‘til the end and came out on top. Little 1A Northview better be a team everyone keeps their eye on this year. We are nowhere near our full potential!”
What another great game for the Chiefs.Talk about hard work paying off! The Chiefs’ record is currently 3-0, which means they’re undefeated so far this season. Things look promising for the Chiefs so far, and hopefully it will stay that way. This week for Northview’s homecoming, the Chiefs will host Elberta. Make sure to come out and support! Homecoming activities begin at 6, and the game starts at 7. Make sure to be there!