NHS wins over LCA

News Sports Writer

The Northview High School Chiefs took home yet another win last Friday night, September 2, against the Lighthouse Christian Academy Stingrays. The Chiefs are now undefeated for their season so far at 2-0. The final score of the game was a whopping 37-0, as the Chiefs’ defense did not allow any points for their opponents.
To start off the first quarter, the Stingrays got the ball, but thanks to Northview’s defense did not score. Soon after the Chiefs gained possession of the ball, Jamarkus Jefferson ran it in for a touchdown. Brandon Ferguson kicked for the extra point, and it was good, bringing the Chiefs up 7-0 early on in the first quarter. Lighthouse got the ball once again, but they were not able to get past the Chiefs’ defense to score. When Northview got the ball back, quarterback Kaden Odom handed it off to Luke Bridges for a 25-yard run and a first down for the Chiefs. Soon after, Jefferson ran it into the endzone for his second touchdown of the night. Ferguson kicked the ball again, and it was good, which brought Northview up 14-0.
When the Stingrays got the ball back, they made it to the fourth down and punted, which brought the ball back to the Chiefs’ possession. For his third time in the first quarter, Jefferson ran it in for another Northview touchdown. Ferguson kicked another good field goal, making the Chiefs up by 21 points in the first quarter.
In the second quarter, the Stingrays started off with the ball, but they ended up fumbling it. Northview had a great fumble recovery, getting the ball early in the second quarter. Odom ran it in for a quarterback keeper touchdown making it his first touchdown for the night. With a great kick from Ferguson, the Chiefs were up 28-0. The Stingrays had the ball, but they did not score. When the Chiefs got the ball back, Bridges ran it in for another Northview touchdown. Ferguson kicked another good extra point, bringing the Chiefs up 35-0. When Lighthouse got the ball back, they threw an interception to Northview’s Wyatt Scruggs. The Chiefs got the ball back, but did not score.
In the third quarter, Lighthouse kicked off to Northview. Bridges ran the ball into the red zone, inside the five-yard line. Although they were close, the Chiefs did not score on that possession. When the Stingrays got the ball back, Aiden Broadhead tackled their quarterback in the end zone for a safety for the Chiefs, which added another 2 points for Northview putting them on top at 37-0.
It was a great game for Northview to say the least. Running back Jamarkus Jefferson said, “I think we played well as a team and fixed errors from our previous game. We can’t stop here though, we have to keep grinding because we have a tougher opponent next week. We’re about to see what we’re made of.” Quarterback Kaden Odom added, “I think it was a great game for our team. I am excited to play Tate next week, and I can’t wait to play the Aggies. It’ll be a good game for sure.”
Make sure to come out and support your Northview Chiefs this Friday night against the Tate Aggies in Cantonment. This game is even more important because Coach Wes Summerford will be coaching against his brother, Rhett Summerford, head coach for the Aggies. This is a game you don’t want to miss, it starts at 7, so don’t be late!