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City moves ahead on grass, weed mitigation

News Staff Writer

Atmore City Council — sitting one member short due to District 2’s Jerome Webster being out of town — gave Codes Enforcement officers the go-ahead to proceed with the process of cutting the grass and weeds from overgrown properties that were previously declared public nuisances.
Letters were sent to each of the property owners, and the resolution to declare the properties nuisances was advertised in local newspapers.
Codes Enforcement Officer Greg Vaughn reported that owners of six of the 14 properties on the initial list have taken care of the problem on their own, and one other has committed to doing so.
That leaves one property each on South Presley, Trout, Lee and Brown streets, one on Rockaway Creek Road and two on Harris Street. The owner of a 7th Avenue property that was on the original list has promised to clean his own lot.
That issue was the only one handled by the council before the meeting was adjourned.