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Close call

Officer crashes on way to fire

The light pole fell across the hood of the police cruiser

News Staff Writer

Officer Kentrae Boggan of the Atmore Police Department, escaped with only minor injuries after he swerved to avoid a collision with another car on U.S. 31, slid down a grassy slope and sheared a utility pole while responding to a truck fire on South Road.
Boggan was one of several emergency personnel headed to the truck fire when, according to a witness, he had to swerve to miss a Ford Taurus.
“I was headed north on 31, and they were going to a call right up here; they had a truck fire,” Jason Capps said. “The lady in the [other car] pulled in right in front of him, to the left instead of the right. He swerved and come around, then slid down through the ditch, taking out that light pole.”
Boggan’s cruiser hit the Ford, then traveled roughly 30 yards before clipping the pole, which fell across the APD unit’s hood. The collisions ripped the back passenger-side door nearly off the police car and flattened both right-side tires.
The wreck occurred in the open field in front of Atmore Area Christian Care Ministry, just a few yards from 31’s junction with Cindebran Road.
MedStar personnel transported the policeman, who was shaken but apparently not seriously injured, to Atmore Community Hospital.
Boggan was sitting up, talking with other APD officers, and walked to the ambulance with little help.
“He was a little banged up,” Police Chief Chuck Brooks said. “He was treated at the hospital for minor injuries.”
Meanwhile, the 18-wheeler was destroyed when a fire apparently started in its engine compartment and spread through the cab and down its trailer.
The person who called 911 reported at 10:32 a.m. hearing an explosion, and the truck was fully ablaze when firefighters arrived.
Atmore Fire Department Capt. Chris Hughes reported that there were no injuries as a result of the fire, which took firefighters about an hour to bring under control.