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Pets slain

APD investigating bow-and-arrow killings

News Staff Writer

Atmore police investigators are trying to track down the person or persons who used a bow and arrow to kill two family pets in the backyards of separate residences in the city’s southwestern quadrant.
Police Chief Chuck Brooks said police have confirmed the two reported kills and are trying to determine whether there have been others.
“We’re still working on it,” Brooks said. “I think that right now we’ve had reports from just two residents, both of them near Fernway Drive. Our detectives are asking (neighbors) if there are any others, but I haven’t heard of it if they have.”
Sgt. Darrell McMann, an APD investigator, admitted that rumors persist of more such recent slayings.
“As of now, I have only been able to confirm that two cats have been killed as a result of being shot by a bow and arrow,” McMann said. “There are rumors of more, but no one has contacted me.”
McMann, who posted an appeal on APD’s Facebook page for other pet owners who have suffered the same fate to come forward, said Monday afternoon (May 2) none had done so.
“I was going to make one more post asking for people to step forward if their pets had been shot with a bow and arrow,” he said. “As far as I can determine, the cats were shot in the back yards (of the two homes). Right now, I’m gathering as much info as I can and following up on any leads.”
APD investigators have not released the names of the victimized pet owners. They urge anyone with information that could help police solve the case to call Atmore-PCI Animal Control at 251-368-0859.
“I think we can all agree that this is totally unacceptable,” McMann said of the pet slayings.