Rams enter Final Four this week

News Sportswriter

The Atmore Christian School Rams enjoyed a successful weekend on the court as they were able to knock off 2 out of 3 opponents during the 2022 Panhandle Christian Conference West Regional Tournament. On Thursday (February 10), the Rams made quick work of Aletheia during the regional quarter-final, 71-31. During the regional semi-final on Saturday (February 11), ACS secured a spot within the Panhandle Christian Conference Final Four when they defeated Central Christian School, 67-58. During Saturday’s (February 12) regional final, the Rams fell short of the regional championship when the team fell, 73-51, to Lighthouse Baptist.
“We had a great time during the three-day stint of games,” ACS head coach Tim Battles said. “We played really well during the entire tournament, but fell just short of Lighthouse Christian who has a really good team. I am also very excited with how Caeden played during the tournament.”
Battles’ oldest son, Caeden Battles, a senior basketball standout for Atmore Christian and the Panhandle Conference, tallied 99 individual points during the 3-day tournament.
On last Thursday’s game against Aletheia, Caeden scored 21 points, Titus Dean added 16 points, Emmett Battles tallied 13 points, Gage Gades scored 10 points, Silas Albritton scored 4, Cameron Bryan added 3 points, Daniel Overton and Garrett Harper scored 2 points each.
During last Friday’s win over Central Christian, Caeden set a new school record for the most points by any one player in a single game with 45 points, Gades added 8 points, Emmett scored 8 and Dean supplemented with 6 points.
During Saturday’s loss against Lighthouse, Caeden scored another team high of 33 points, Gades added 12 and Dean scored 6 points.
As the Rams prepare to enter the Panhandle Christian Conference Final Four later this Friday, February 18, against L.E.A.D.S., Coach Battles said that the team is looking to improve in the areas that cost them last Saturday’s game so that they will have a chance to overcome the weak spots in order to make it to the championship.
According to Coach Battles, the team will face off against L.E.A.D.S. this Friday at 3 p.m., but the venue for the matchup is still up in the air as a last-minute cancellation with the previous venue set for the Final Four cancelled at the last minute. Battles added that the Final Four tournament will continue as planned this Friday, February 18, and Saturday, February 19, but the venue will be a later in the week decision which will come down between Lighthouse Baptist in Theodore or Pensacola State College in Milton, Fla.