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Real pot, fake money

News Staff Writer

A January 21 traffic stop in downtown Atmore led to the discovery and recovery by city police of a significant amount of marijuana and counterfeit U.S. currency.
Police took a suspect into custody, but the counterfeit money angle makes the case primarily a U.S. Secret Service operation, and federal agents have not released the suspect’s name or issued a mug shot.
“One of our officers conducted a traffic stop at East Nashville and Pensacola avenues,” said Police Chief Chuck Brooks. “The investigating officer found a large amount of narcotics and counterfeit money.
“Because of the counterfeit currency, we requested assistance from federal law enforcement.”
A photo published on Atmore Police Department’s new Facebook page indicates that the “funny money” was in the form of $20 and $100 bills. A small amount of genuine cash was also confiscated, as were undisclosed other illicit substances.
“It was mostly pot,” said Brooks, who added that police detectives would continue their probe into the pot possession charge filed against the unidentified suspect.
“The feds will investigate the counterfeit money; APD will continue to investigate the drug case,” he said.