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Convicted killer stabbed to death at Fountain


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Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) officials confirmed Friday that a Mobile County man, serving a life sentence for murder, was fatally stabbed last week by another Fountain Correctional Facility inmate.
“On Tuesday, January 11, 2022, Harold Wallace, a 24-year-old inmate who was serving a life sentence for murder out of Mobile County at Fountain Correctional Facility in Atmore … unfortunately passed away from injuries sustained during an apparent inmate-on-inmate assault with a weapon,” said Kristi Simpson, a legal research assistant currently serving as ADOC’s interim departmental spokesman.
Simpson did not release the name of the inmate charged with committing the murder.
Wallace was charged with and eventually convicted of the shooting death of a 22-year-old single mother who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
The shooting took place at a McDonald’s on Springhill Avenue. Court records show that Wallace missed his intended target and hit the woman, who died on the way to a hospital after the car in which she was being taken hit a tree.
Although he was charged with capital murder and refused bond, a clerical error allowed him to post a $150,000 bond and walk out of jail. He later returned to the county jail and turned himself in.
Simpson said in response to an emailed request from Atmore News that ADOC’s Law Enforcement Services Division “has opened an investigation into Wallace’s death,” at the conclusion of which “more details will be available.”