Hot air balloon event grounded this time

The hot air balloon enthusiasts who were in Atmore for the event. Rusty Miller is at left in the basket.
In the basket, Rusty Miller fires up the tank that fuels the balloons. A good crowd came out to see the balloons.

News Staff Report

It was to be a first for Atmore – a Hot Air Balloon Glow at twilight.
The plan was for hot air balloons enthusiasts to meet in Atmore and offer tether rides and private rides December 31 and January 1 and 2, some at sunrise, some in the afternoon.
Originally set for Rivercane, the location was later moved to the grass area south of Escambia County High School.
Regardless of the plans, everything came to a standstill due to the weather. As organizer Rusty Miller said on a Facebook post, “Remember that ballooning is very weather dependent so we will be monitoring the wind and chances of rain closely.”