NHS season ends

News Sportswriter

This past Friday, November 19, the Northview Chiefs traveled to Baker to face the Gators for the second round of playoffs. Unfortunately for Northview, they fell short of the victory. The Chiefs wrapped up their season Friday with a hard fought game. Even though they did not have the outcome they had hoped for, it was still an amazing season. Their final record this season was 6-5, and it was a great season to say the least.
To begin the game, Northview received the ball and they did not score in their first possession. Shortly after, Baker got the ball back and Kayleb Wagner ran 88 yards to score for the Gators, which brought the score to 7-0.
When Northview got the ball back, sophomore Wyatt Scruggs received the ball to earn the first down for the Chiefs. After that, Northview was not able to score. Later on in the quarter, Scruggs intercepted a pass and got a pick six! Sophomore Brandon Ferguson kicked the extra point for the Chiefs and it was good, tying up the score, 7-7.
Northview started off the second quarter strong with junior Luke Bridges running the ball into the endzone for another Chief touchdown. With another good kick from Ferguson, the Chiefs were on top, 14-7. When the Gators got possession of the ball again they scored and got the extra point, tying up the score yet again, 14-14. When Northview got the ball back, quarterback Kaden Odom passed the ball to Bridges earning a first down for the Chiefs. Then Odom ran it into the endzone, earning another touchdown for the Chiefs. Ferguson kicked yet again, bringing the score 21-14. Baker scored again, but they did not get the extra point, which made the score 21-20 going into halftime.
In the third quarter, Baker received the ball and scored. They didn’t get the extra point, which meant the score was 27-21. Northview’s Odom passed the ball to junior Jamarkus Jefferson for a first down, but shortly after, Northview lost possession. While on defense, the Chiefs got a fumble recovery, but shortly after, Northview fumbled the ball, turning the possession over to Baker. Baker scored again.
Going into the fourth quarter, all fans were on edge to see where this back and forth game would go. Northview fans were pleased when Odom passed it to junior Aiden Broadhead while he was in the endzone, earning another touchdown. Ferguson kicked another good point and the score was 33-27. The Chiefs were down by only one touchdown and were not ready to give up.
Unfortunately, the Chiefs fumbled giving Baker possession of the ball allowing them to score again, which meant the score was 46-27. Northview was not ready to back down yet and they scored another touchdown, leaving the final score of the game 46-35.
It was a great game for sure and hundreds of Chiefs fans were able to make the drive out to Baker to support their team. Their season may be over for now, but they are ready to come back even better next season.
Luke Bridges said, “It was a great season. Nobody thought we would have a winning record, but we did. It’s not the ending we wanted, but I wouldn’t trade this season for anyone. I will forever love these boys.”
Quarterback Kaden Odom added, “It was a great run. Me and the guys worked hard all year long and just came up short. I love this bond we have created over the season, from summer workouts, to long nights at practice, we have all grown closer. I love our coaches and teammates and we will be back and better next year even more prepared.”
Overall, the Chiefs had a great season this year, and the community cannot wait to see what the future holds for this football team. Y’all check back in on this team next year because they won’t disappoint!