Memories of the Strand Theater

Special to Atmore News

Wow … the memories of growing up in Atmore! My Papa John Hale worked for Fountain Prison, Granny (Mittie) worked at Bedsole’s and I was quick to learn she had a charge account! Got into a bit of trouble, but I was always the best dressed at Sunday School. (Granny didn’t ground me … I was the only grandchild. Then!)
Our Friday and Saturday nights always revolved around the Dairy Bar and The Strand
Going to the “SHOW’ at The Strand was always one of the highpoints. Depending on how much money we had, Daddy would spring for popcorn and a drink, but it was unbelievable fun!
Family lore says that I attended my first movie at The Strand was in 1965 with Mom and Dad to see the “TEN COMMANDMENTS” with all the big stars; only, neither one of them saw the entire movie because they took turns driving around the block to keep me from crying. I claim no responsibility to that story!

  1. Disney’s “THE JUNGLE BOOK!” I have never forgotten that! I was mesmerized by the songs and the animation! The first movie I remember. I think Mom and Dad played Bear Necessities for months on a 45 record. Years later, I took my sister Sonya to the same theatre to see ET. The Strand opened so many of our worlds. First dates. First kisses. First movie.
    This majestic theatre and our beautiful city need our attention!
    That being said, restoration work on Atmore’s Crown Jewel is in full swing! We all have an opportunity to keep this historic landmark alive and growing. Pride Of Atmore has incredible leadership and a Board of Directors who are focused on OUR CITY!
    Pride of Atmore needs your support and there are many opportunities in which you can be a part of this historic renaissance. Please contact any POA board member to see how YOU can become a part of history!

Sandy Helton is a member of the Pride of Atmore Board of Directors.