NHS advances in playoffs

Chiefs’ Jamarkus Jefferson (6) runs the ball for a touchdown

News Sportswriter

Northview High School Chiefs hosted the first playoff game of the season last Friday night against Bozeman of Panama City.
The Chiefs came out on top with a final score of 27-21, and it was one of the best games all season. The game was definitely a close one, and the Chiefs fought until the very end to secure the victory.
To start off the game, Northview received the ball in kickoff. Luke Bridges got a carry shortly after. The Chiefs drove the ball down the field, and quarterback Kaden Odom ran the ball into the endzone for the first touchdown of the game. The Chiefs’ kicker, Brandon Ferguson went for the extra point and got it. This put Northview on top early in the game at 7-0. Bozeman got the ball and drove it down the field, but Joe Wright got a sack early on in their possession. Bozeman did not keep it for too long though, Jamarkus Jefferson intercepted the ball. However, the Chiefs were not able to score during that possession.
Bozeman ended up scoring, bringing the score to 7-7, since they also kicked for the extra point. That did not last for too long because Jefferson successfully ran the ball into the endzone for another Northview touchdown. The Chiefs decided to go for a 2-point conversion, and they earned the extra points, which brought the score to 15-7. Shortly after Bozeman gained possession of the ball again, Odom intercepted the ball while they were on third down within the 15-yard line. While Northview had the ball, Odom threw an interception to Bozeman. Then, while they had the ball, Odom intercepted the ball again, giving the ball back to the Chiefs. Unfortunately, Northview did not score in the time they had the ball. When Bozeman got the ball back, they ended up scoring and earning the extra point. The score was then 15-14.
Bozeman later had the ball and Northview’s Odom intercepted the ball for the third time that night and scored a touchdown. The extra kick for the Chiefs by Ferguson was good, bringing the score 21-14. Shortly after, Jefferson scored for another touchdown, bringing the score 27-14. Bozeman got the ball back, but John Michael Ward got a sack, right after Aron Chavira got a sack, as well. Bozeman scored again, which brought the score 27-21.
The last few minutes of the game were tense to say the least, but the Chiefs’ defense held them until the very end. Bozeman came close to scoring several times at the end, but Northview persisted and pulled through with the victory.
The Chiefs are currently on a 4-game winning streak. They have had a great season so far and fans cannot wait to watch them advance farther into the playoffs. This win propelled them to the semi-finals this coming Friday in Baker at 7:30. This will be the Chiefs’ second time facing the Gators this season. The last time the Chiefs played in Baker, they went to overtime and lost by one point, 43-42.
Players, coaches, and fans alike are excited for this rival match up. The game starts at 7:30, see y’all there!