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Charges dropped


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Life is returning to normal for an Atmore teen who was charged — as an adult — more than three months ago with two pornography-related crimes as a result of a video he posted as a prank on Facebook.
According to court documents, Escambia County District Judge Eric Coale ordered that all charges be dropped against Jeremiah Clack, who was arrested in July at age 17 by Brewton police. The teen was initially charged with one count each of production of child pornography, a Class A felony, and possession of obscene materials.
The charges came after a parent of an autistic child under the age of 10 was made aware of the video, which showed the boy as he walked nude in the front yard of his family’s Brewton home.
Atmore attorney Karean Reynolds, who represented Clack, said Judge Coale determined during a recent hearing that a review of the evidence showed “there was no probable cause on whether the defendant committed the crime or (if) a crime was committed.”
The judge’s ruling turned what looked like a bleak future into a brighter one for the youngster, who faced registration as a sex offender for the rest of his life had he been prosecuted and found guilty.
“Since the charges were dismissed, Jeremiah Clack has returned to high school, where he’s completing his final year as a senior,” Reynolds said. “He has also returned to the basketball team and plans on enlisting in the military.”
The attorney said his young client and the teen’s family are trying to put the unfortunate incident behind them.
“Jeremiah’s family is happy that justice was served,” Reynolds said. “However, they are disheartened that things got to the point where he was charged as an adult. Jeremiah is thankful that this has come to a conclusion, and he is putting this in his past and moving forward in a positive light.”
Reynolds added that Clack was bolstered by strong support from members of his church and family members throughout the ordeal.