Don’t let your guard down

COVID-19 continues circulating in Alabama communities

Special to Atmore news

COVID-19 continues to infect persons in Alabama, with the Delta variant being the predominant strain. Given that recent numbers of cases, percent positive tests and hospitalizations are decreasing, Alabamians may feel that the worst is behind us. However, the potential for this virus to cause infection, disease and death remains high.
The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) cautions that Alabamians must remain vigilant in preventive measures and, if not already vaccinated, take advantage of the ample vaccine available in the state. Over 25 percent of persons infected are in the age range 0-17 years, so prevention remains especially important in children, given that only those 12 years of age and older are eligible for vaccine.
State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said, “ADPH is glad that more persons are being vaccinated, with Alabama now having about half of those eligible for vaccine receiving at least one dose of vaccine. Increasing vaccine rates remains critical to reduce cases of COVID-19.”
Alabama has had many COVID-19 cases, so some people have acquired some natural immunity; however, the duration of natural immunity is not known and may vary from person to person. So, it is important for those who have had COVID-19 to be vaccinated after their isolation period ends or, if treated with monoclonal antibodies, after 90 days.
While it is always tempting to relax preventive measures, such as masks, when case numbers look better, Alabama needs to be in the low transmission range before backing off preventive measures. Currently, 64 of Alabama’s 67 counties are in the high transmission range.
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