Tethered tank triggers emergency response

News Staff Writer

Atmore police officers and firefighters were sent to the local Walmart shortly after 7 a.m. Sunday, August 15, after officials of the store reported that employees found what appeared at first to be some type of improvised explosive device.
The concerns turned out to be unfounded, although police did find a propane tank tied with a heavy-duty plastic tie to a bush or small tree, in the area behind the store.
“Our officers were called out there, and they found a propane tank tied to a tree,” said Police Chief Chuck Brooks. “They called the fire department, and firefighters removed the tank from the tree without incident.”
AFD reports note that the propane tank was “zip-tied to a bush,” and that it contained “no timing device.”
Firemen remained on the scene for just five minutes before proclaiming the tank safe and returning to their station. Police conducted a brief investigation, then turned the propane tank over to Walmart management.
Brooks and Fire Chief Ron Peebles both refused to speculate on why anyone would tie the tank to the small tree in such a fashion.
No arrest was made; no suspects were identified.